Kisby Focus

Connecting the dots


Impact capital allows Kisby to attract additional funders on a market related basis thereby multiplying the capital provided


The CTSE Capital Solutions platform is applied to source and manage a multiplicity of borrowers within the Kisby Fund’s prescribed criteria


Most established media house in SA utilised to promote the Kisby objectives and attract the best SME investments to fulfil these objectives


Additional SME support services to increase SME success prospects

Creating the solution

Kisby has the expertise to reach, access and manage volumes of SMEs and channel funds by establishing partnerships in order to drive economic activity

Aggregated Capital

Contributing financial and value add through borrower education, financial coaching, access to markets, business growth strategies, technology, business knowledge and managerial skills needed to get South Africa back to work

Established Media Brands

Established brands are required to reach the targeted SMEs and investors in order to create awareness on the impact of the fund (communication through Arena media titles)

Fully licenced digital market place

CTSE's FinTech and RegTech, collectively its Credit Marketplace, enables capital deployment by creating a more inclusive, safe and digital market place to meet the needs of SMEs and Mid Cap Counters

Trusted Investment Partner

The Impact Capital Investor, a trusted investment partner able to source, manage and distribute capital to SMEs that pass all qualifying criteria to be eligible for a loan in its new Covid support fund

Enabled Borrowing

Support for 2.5m entities in South Africa that make up the small business sector that contributes significantly to job creation, innovation and boosting economic growth

Investment Structure

Kisby has a combination of Debt and Equity Investment Opportunities


CTSE Capital Solutions

Scaling Kisby’s lending operational excellence and credit risk analysis capability – reducing subjective analysis and ensuring objectivity


Borrowers complete a stringent due diligence; CTSE Capital Solutions manage all aspects of loan operations; all documentation is on the portal, FICA, risk assessment, due diligence, collections and disbursements, transaction and investment reporting, covenant monitoring, event of default management and regulatory reporting.

Benefits to the Borrower:
  • Streamlined transparent access to Kisby applications
  • Digital standardized application
  • Debt management
  • Documentation, and
  • Financial reporting requirements

The tri-factor credit moderation process establishes a credit decision matrix that enables Kisby to accurately classify businesses according to their credit risk as it:

  • Considers market, industry and firm-specific data during the credit assessment process
  • Creates a 360° view of a business and its directors regarding behaviour, affordability and risk


Arena's Media Platform Digital Audience

An opportunity to partner with SA’s trusted and established brands in building up SME businesses that have been negatively affected by Covid-19.

Digital publishing has made it easier for you to achieve your marketing goals and objectives. Connect with valuable audiences via the Arena network.


Media Reach for the Kisby Fund


SME support

  • Advertising using Arena
  • Holdings properties

Virtual marketplace & e-commerce platforms for SME’s within the eco-system

Access to mentors through portal &

Access to financial services products
– Payment Tools
– Financial Services Portal
– Payroll & other
– EB benefit consulting
– Accounting services

Legal Clinic to assist with legal

A full schedule of (for a period of 18
– Events
– Podcasts
– Webinar

Access to modelling & other tools to
assist in planning

SME will enjoy access to our leading business publications to ensure they are up to date on business related matters.

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